Psychological Assessments

Professional Career Guidance will help you find the confidence to make a wise career change.

####Emotional Assessments Focused on self-esteem, confidence and how a young person functions at school, in the family environment and other social settings. The results of such assessments assist me to design the most beneficial intervention for the individual and their family.

####Intellectual Assessments They examine intellectual functioning (IQ) to assist parents and teachers understand a young person’s areas of intellectual strength or vulnerability, using both South African and international tests. These assessments serve as a screening for learning disabilities in children and adolescents. In such cases, I place specific focus on whether remedial assistance or other interventions are required to assist a learner to achieve according to their full potential.

####Assessments for Exam Concessions They examine intellectual functioning (IQ) and scholastic ability to assist us to make an application for exam concessions to either the Independent Education Board or the Department of Education. This may result in recommendations for concessions such as additional time, spelling, anxiety and AD/HD, amongst others.

####Assessments for subject choice Focused primarily on assessing personality type as well as interests and abilities, to increase self-knowledge and enable a Grade 9 learner to make an informed and considered choice regarding their Grade 10 subjects. This assessment process includes a report and comprehensive feedback.

####Career Assessments Focused on assessing goals, values, interests, abilities, and personality functioning to increase a young person’s self-knowledge and enable them to make a more informed and considered choice about a career or further study. Career assessments are undertaken as part of a comprehensive career guidance process and include a report and comprehensive feedback.

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