Mindfulness-Based Pain Management Course

Mindfulness can help people living with chronic pain, injuries and illness to improve and even transform their quality of life. This programme enables us to change how we experience pain or illness, so that we can make choices about how we respond, rather than reacting in an automatic or habitual way.

This eight-week course will introduce some of the ways we can change how we relate to our chronic pain and/or injuries. The training is run over a period of eight weeks and can be engaged with on a one-on-one basis with myself (in my office) or in a small group. It includes amongst other topics:

  • The science behind how our bodies and minds process and react to pain,
  • How mindfulness can alter your perception and alleviate your experience of pain,
  • Simple mindfulness practices which can help manage and reduce pain and suffering,
  • Mindful movement: gentle mindful movements to help the body be less tense and move more freely

Clinical research has found that mindfulness may be as effective as prescription painkillers (e.g. morphine) and can enhance the body’s natural healing systems.

“My only regret would be that I didn’t find this kind of help years ago.”
Course participant with clinical depression

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