Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

This programme is for all individuals who want to learn how to deal more effectively with stress, the negative reactions it evokes within us, and the unproductive behaviour we often engage in. The training is run over a period of eight weeks and can be engaged with on a one-on-one basis with myself (in my office) or in a small group.

This training is based on 40 years of international research into the benefits of mindfulness and other similar practices. I will teach you how to pay attention to your experiences in a focused yet counter-intuitive manner. In particular, you will learn how to focus attention on your inner experiences of negative thoughts and feelings in a way that significantly reduces their intensity… so that you no longer react in an automatic way and cause yourself (and others) to feel stressed and/or negative about life.

Before this training, challenging events will often provoke quick reactions. After this training, you will be able to pause and create space between an event and your reaction. This transforms automatic or knee-jerk reactions into thoughtful responses.

Before this training, a thought may lead to anxious feelings and behaviours. After this training, you will be far more skilled at halting an anxious response in its tracks.

Being able to pay focused attention to one’s inner experience (i.e. practicing mindfulness) is a skill which anyone can sharpen with practice. It’s a skill which scientific research shows improves calmness, impulse control, patience, compassion, empathy, executive function and attention span. It’s a skill we can give ourselves to not only connect more deeply with others around us, but to really nurture a sense of self-respect and self-compassion.

For individuals – If you are interested in participating on this training, please fill in the form and/or contact me via email or on one of the phone numbers indicated.

For organisations/groups – If you would like to discuss options to suit the needs and resources of your organisation/group, please fill in the form and/or contact me via email or on one of the phone numbers indicated.

“My only regret would be that I didn’t find this kind of help years ago.”
Course participant with clinical depression

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